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Luxor Times: 5 Sept 2018

Luxor Times

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Rock-cut Tomb in a 4000-year-old Elite Cemetery Discovered

An Egyptian archaeological team has discovered a rock-cut tomb in Lisht,

Adel Okasha (Director of Cairo and Giza Antiquities) told Luxor Times “The disdovered tomb is about 300 meters to the North-East of Senusret I’s pyramid. It consists of two parts, first the open courtyard which leads to a vaulted ceiling corridor with some visible hieroglyph inscriptions. 
The corridor leads to a broad hall to the west of it a small inscribed and decorated chapel which currently the restoration department in Lisht is performing the needed restoration for this part.”   
Mr. Mohamed El-Daly (Director of Dahshur and Lisht Antiquities) said “The second part of the tomb is a burial shaft in the open courtyard and measures 100cm x 80cm and about 3 meters deep. 
Inside the burial shaft to the west, a corridor leads to the first burial chamber which is an undecorated room contains to the north wall an empty undecorated limestone sarcophagus and to the south side an entrance to another room contains another empty undecorated limestone sarcophagus, but it is unique as it has inside different geometric formations (shapes).

The southern side of the shaft has an entrance leading to more chambers which will be excavated next season.”

Mr. Yasser Abd Fatah (General Director of Dahshur and Lisht Antiquities) said “So far we didn’t find any inscriptions to reveal the name or titles of the tomb owner, but more field work and studies will help in defining the tomb owner.”

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