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Luxor Times: 22 Apr 2017

Luxor Times

Saturday 22 April 2017

Amenhotep III joins Luxor Museum

On World Heritage Day, Dr. Khaled El-Enany revealed Amenhotep III temple at the garden of Luxor Museum which was discovered by the European mission directed by Dr. Hourig Sourouzian at the site of Amenhotep III Temple at Kom El-Hittan. (Scroll down for video)

Above (Minister of Antiquities inspecting the newly discovered statue at the magazine of Kom El-Hitan site)
Above (Amenhotep III statue at Kom El-Hitan where it was discovered, March 2017)

The colossus depicts King Amenhotep III seated on the throne with hands resting flat on the thighs. The King is represented westing the nemes headgear and the pleated Royal shendyt (kilt), held at the waist with a belt decorated with zigzag lines and closed by an oval shaped clasp. A broad collar adorns the king's chest. The throne jambs and the back pillar of the statue are inscribed with the names of the King.

The colossus is considered as a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian sculptures carved in black granite, extremely well worked and perfectly polished. It is 248cm high, 61cm wide and 110cm deep.
It is almost intact but the head of the uraeus is missing, and the beard is broken along with the chin. However, one of the young restorers succeeded in finding the missing fragment of the chin, which was subsequently fixed at its place. 

Scientific examination of the inscription on the statue's back qualifies the King as one with numerous jubilees.

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