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Luxor Times: 23 Aug 2016

Luxor Times

Tuesday 23 August 2016

King Tut collection is being transferred to GEM for 2017

For the partial opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) by the end of 2017, a number of King Tutankhamon’s artefacts were transfered from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

According to Dr. Tarek Tawfik (General supervisor of the GEM project), the transferring process is going according to a carefully studied plan by a committee of experts in order to move the artefacts which need restoration first so they get restored at the specialised labs at GEM. Also keeping in mind not to disrupt the collection display at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

The committee headed by Dr. Osama Abo Elkhier (General director of restoration labs at GEM) and including Mohamed Atwa (Director of information and antiquities at GEM) and Dr. Hala Hassan (head of Tut’s section at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir)  

Eissa Zidan (General manager of elementary restoration at GEM) said “It is scheduled to move the rest of the golden pharaoh’s collection according to plan as the partial opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum will include the full collection of King Tutankhamon as well as the grand staircase."

(According to the museum plans, Grand Staircase is stretching for a length of 64 meter and rising 24 meters, with a width of 85 meters at the bottom and 17 meters at the top, the Grand Staircase will create one of the principle chronological streams that will define the story line of the museum for the visitors. Artifacts displayed along its length will introduce and illustrate the history of Pharaonic Egypt.
The exhibition to Grand Stair is ordered by the chronological grid. This exhibition brings the visitor from modernity, which is Cairo , back in time to antiquity at the top of the stairs, which is the view to the pyramid complex. From this pyramid outlook, the visitor enters the permanent exhibition spaces. The Grand Stair is flanked by Temporary Exhibition, Children’s Gallery and researcher’s entrance).”

Zidan also added “The transferring process is being handled by the experts committee following the highest safety protocols using the needed techniques.”  

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