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Luxor Times: 11 Dec 2014

Luxor Times

Thursday 11 December 2014

Osiris statues unearthed in Karnak temple

The French mission working in Karnak temples has unearthed 3 statues and a broken statue base as well as a container holds blue glue which is probably dated to the Late Period (664 BC:332 BC).

The Statues were discovered in Karnak temple, two bronze statues of Osiris. One statue measures 36cm height and 7cm width and shows Osiris sitting while wearing the white crown. 
The other statue measure 15cm height and 3cm width and represents Osiris while standing. 

The third statue is probably made of Schist and shows a goddess sitting and wearing the double crown with a wig underneath. It measures 16cm height and 7.5cm width and bears hieroglyphics inscriptions which are being cleaned to be able to define the name of the goddess. 

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Karomama tomb discovered in the Ramesseum temple

The French-Egyptian mission working at the Morturary temple of Ramses II on the west bank of Luxor “The Ramesseum”has discovered a tomb of the divine wife of Amon “Karomama” during the excavation work in the temple. 
The tomb is a 5 meters shaft and a funerary chamber has a stone door which its lower part remains in situ. Inside the tomb, some offerings and remains of 20 Ushabtis bearing Karomama’s name at the entrance of the chamber which indicates that it could be her tomb.
At the moment, the team is still working to define the King she was married to as “God’s Wife of Amon” title was only given to the King’s wives. 
Dr. Youssef Khalifa, head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquioties department, said that the discovered tomb in the Ramesseum dated to the Rammaside period. The importance of the discovery that it would help to shed more light on this characher (Karomama) as we only have 12 Ushabtis bear her name as well as to canopic jars and a bronze statue in the Louvre. 

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