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Luxor Times: 15 Feb 2014

Luxor Times

Saturday 15 February 2014

The rare gold coin on sale online is not the missing one from Islamic Museum in Cairo

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim said that the Stolen Antiquities will be informed immediately about Umayyad 77 H Gold Dinar which is on for sale on a web site. 
According to the Minister, this rare gold coin is not the only missing piece of the Islamic Art Museum in Cairo after the damage caused by the bombed vehicle across the street on 24th of January 2014.

Ahmed Sharaf, director of the museums department said "This registered coin can not be sold or bought according to the UNESCO rules." 
Sharaf referred that the stolen antiquities department monitor and track auction houses and web sites to stop any sale of Egyptian antiquities and work on retrieve it.
He also said that the price asked for this rare coin on that site is 250 thousand dollars which is far less than the real value of the coin which could mean it is not genuine especially there are fake copies of it around.
Umayyad diner, 77 H, was struck at the time if the Caliph "Abd El Malik Ibn Marawan" in the year 77 of the Hijra.
The gold coin carrying writing from the Quran.
The link provided by the Ministry of the web forums offering to sell the coin shows that it was posted online since last October.

The site can be found here 

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