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Luxor Times: 5 Feb 2014

Luxor Times

Wednesday 5 February 2014

The new discovery is not new

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of  Antiquities denied the accuracy of the news in discovering a new pyramid south of Edfu.
He said " The pyramid referred to as a new discovery which is located 5 KM north of El Ghonameya village, 5 KM south of Tell Edfu and 25 KM south of Kula pyramid is not considered a new discovery as Georges Legrain referred to it in 1894 so did Jean-Jacques de Morgan in 1908."

The Minister added " The site was deserted for a long time till a study on the pyramids was done by Werner Kaiser and Günther Dreyer in 1979 when the minister guided them to it in person as he was the head of Edfu inspectors at that time."

According the Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, the pyramid is dated back to the Old Kingdom measures of nearly 5 meters hight and 11 meters in length.
This pyramid is one of the group of small pyramids spread in Middle and Upper Egypt like in Sohag and Elephantine islands. 
The minister explained that those pyramids were not for funerary or burial use.
The link below shows the report of the work done by the mission in 2011 and mention the pyramid including previous excavation work.


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