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Luxor Times: 3 Oct 2013

Luxor Times

Thursday 3 October 2013

A mummy was captured in Giza

The Ministry of Antiquities in cooperation with Tourism and Antiquities Police has captured a mummy dated to Ptolemaic era. The mummy was found during illegal excavations in Giza.

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Good news for Egypt. A new discovery in Tell Basta.

A red granite statue of Ramses II was discovered to the east of Goddess Bastet temple in Tell Basta, 85 km from Cairo by the German-Egyptian mission working in the site.

The statue is 195cm height and 160cm width showing Ramses II standing between Hathor and Ptah.
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim said "The importance of this discovery that it could lead to discovering a whole temple."

The mission also discovered a statue of a high official of the 19th dynasty. The limestone statue of 35cm height and 25cm width. 

The hieroglyphics inscriptions on the back refers that it was presented to Goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet.
Both statues were moved to the open museum in Tell Basta.

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