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Luxor Times: 2 Aug 2013

Luxor Times

Friday 2 August 2013

Numbers prove: The worst week for tourism in Luxor in 20 years!

The lowest occupancy rate for Luxor's hotels in 20 years
On Monday 29th July, the rate was 2.3% (Source:Tourism development department in Luxor)

40 hotels on land of 4472 rooms contains 8937 beds and 271 floating hotels of 16448 rooms accommodates 32896.

5* hotels 
54 occupied rooms out of 1849. Occupancy rate 2.9%
4* hotels
17 occupied rooms out of 1178. Occupancy rate 1.4%
3* hotels
16 occupied rooms out of 714.
Occupancy rate 2.2%
2* hotels
7 occupied rooms out of 476.
Occupancy rate 1.4%
1* hotels 
7 occupied rooms out of 200.
Occupancy rate 3.5%
Total number of occupied rooms is 101 rooms and overall rate is 2.3%

Scene has been missed for a long time in Luxor's attractions

P.S: we revised the rate according the numbers provided by the source mentioned above as the rates didn't match the provided numbers.

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Coming soon: A new governor for Luxor

A new governor for Luxor will be appointed in the next couple of days. Would the new governor be a university professor or culture and tourism related professional?!  
The next few days will tell.

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