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Luxor Times: 18 Jun 2013

Luxor Times

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Egyptian mission makes a new discovery in the Nile Delta

A new discovery by the Ministry of Anriquities mission inside the Hykaos fortress at Tell el Yahodiya site in Shiben El Kanayer, Kaluobiya Governorate in the Nile Delta.

The mission discovered a 4 meter heigh mud brick defense structure beside the ruins of residential structures to the north east of Tell Al Yahodiya contains remains dated back to different eras expand from Middle Kingom to Graeco-Roman according to Dr. Ahmed Essa. 

The Minister of Antiquities.
Dr. Ahmed Essa said that some of the objects found were lanterns and faience used for Merenptah and Ramese III palaces built in the site. 

Mr. Adel Hussein, head of the mission, said that the mission discovered last season the first rock-cut cemetery in the site dated back to Middle and New Kingdom plus more mud brick burials of the Hyksos era which opposite of them a burial for donkeys as god Sotekh was found, which was worshiped in the time of the Hyksos.

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Luxor's new governor speaks about his plans for the tourism in Luxor

Engineer Adel Assad Al Khiat, the newly appointed governor to Luxor said today that his first job will be bringing tourists back to Luxor and making it the world capital of tourism. Mr. Adel said that he has a vision on how to promote for Luxor in the international markets through a series of local and international events. The governor added that he is willing to travel to anywhere in the world to promote for Luxor and he won't spare "blood or sweat" in order to fulfil this goal. According to him, his policy is open door to his mind and heart even before his office to work with and listen to any point of view for the good of Luxor and the Luxorians.

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