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Luxor Times: 29 Apr 2011

Luxor Times

Friday 29 April 2011

EgyptAir Alert: Due to the Egyptian government decision concerning cancellation of the Daylight Saving Time in Egypt

Due to the cancellation of the Daylight Saving Time in Egypt and subsequent changes in the departure time of EGYPTAIR flights departing from the Egyptian airports, EGYPTAIR announces that all customers are kindly requested to consider the following information:
The customers who issued their tickets before Friday 29th of April 2011:
  • The departure time will be one hour earlier than the time stated on the tickets.
  • Customers should be present in the airport at least 3 hours before the Departure time for international flights and at least 2 hours for domestic flights.
The customers who will issue their tickets starting Friday 29th of April 2011:
  • The timings on the tickets are the actual departure times.

Egypt’s loss is 45% and about 1000 ambassadors to promote Luxor

At the Rotary Clubs District 2450 Conference which is being held in Luxor (28th1st May 2011), Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abd El Nour (Minister of Tourism) said that tourists numbers in Egypt dropped by 45 % in first quarter of 2011, because of the latest events since 25th January, in comparison with the same period of 2010. Luxor’s new governor, General. Khaled Fouda said that he asks every person was attending tonight’s event from 10 different countries beside Egypt to be Ambassadors and tell their friends, families and everyone they know to come to Luxor as it is safe and welcome you.

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