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Luxor Times: 27 Mar 2011

Luxor Times

Sunday 27 March 2011

Breaking News: 5 more objects are back to the Egyptian Museum

The Armed forces and the Tourism and Antiquities police managed to retrieve 5 bronze objects that were stolen from the Egyptian museum on 28th January during the turmoil in Cairo.  The objects are 4 bronze statues of four gods and goddess including Bastet, Apis, Neith and Osiris beside Bronze Top of a Sceptre in the Shape of the Goddess Hat-Mehit Wearing a Fish
Headdress (Lates Nilotica).
They are all in good condition except Apis statue which is broken into pieces but can be restored and put back on display.
So far there are 37 objects still missing from the Egyptian Museum collection after returning those 5 objects.
Dr. Tarek El Awady, the Egyptian Museum curator, said “the fruitful co-operation between the Armed Forces and the Police to retrieve the stolen objects give us hope that the stolen objects are still in the country and all authorities will do their best to bring it back to where it belongs.”
Dr. Tarek added “The Egyptian Museum will host a special exhibition when the last missing object is retrieved showing the story of looting and how the objects were back since 28th of January to the day the last object will be back to document it as a part of the Museum history.”

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