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Luxor Times: 24 Mar 2011

Luxor Times

Thursday 24 March 2011

The inventory report of Qantara storage after 29th Jan. looting

Qantara museum storage, near Ismailia, that was under armed attack on 29th January then a committee was formed to do an inventory for the stolen objects and today the final report was released stating that 800 objects were stolen from different eras. Pharaohnic, Roman and Islamic from different sites in north Sinai, south Sinai, Ismailia and some objects were found by 3 foreign missions.

There were 293 objects retrieved back by the armed forces few days after it was stolen so these are not included in the list.

All the stolen objects were registered and photographed and most of them were published. The stolen objects are mainly pottery and bronze coins beside pikes heads, textile tools and headless limestone statue with hieroglyphics inscriptions on it.

A list of the objects is circulated to the tourism and antiquities police and Interpol. As for the other objects were at the storage, they were re-located to the Egyptian Museum storage.