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Luxor Times: 18 Mar 2011

Luxor Times

Friday 18 March 2011

Pictures of the retrieved objects which were stolen from the Egyptian Museum

According to the full list of the missing objects, these are some of the objects that were retrieved. (Full Story Here) Pictures are courtesy of SCA

1- Bronze seated statue of Anubis
Catalogue Number: CG38350, height 13.50cm

2- Bronze striding statue of the God Hapi
Catalogue Number: JE 77, height 16.50cm

3- Bronze top of a sceptre in the shape of the Goddess Hat-Mehit wearing a fish headdress ( Lates Nilutica)
Catalogue Number: JE658, height 15.00cm

4- Schist striding statue of Neferhotep
Catalogue Number: JE18020,height 14.00cm

5- Bronze standing statue of Sobek in the form of a crocodile-headed man
Catalogue Number: JE 29868,height 12.00cm