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Luxor Times: 12 Mar 2011

Luxor Times

Saturday 12 March 2011

The Braves made a fish farm in Tell Tanis

Tarek Ibrahim Hoseni, manager of Behira and Port Said antiquities, asked for help to protect Tell Tanis site by Lake Menzalla.

He said that a group of armed men violated the site in the area by the lake and established a fish farm and built few huts. That group called themselves the Braves and they have kettle and animals over there beside that they are digging for antiquities.
Mr. Tarek said that he filed a report to the tourism and antiquities police on 21st February and 10 days later he files another report but the threat still exist.
Within the lake area there are 22 sites, the most important and known site is Tell Tanis. He also mentioned that portable objects were relocated to a safe location but it is the ruins like the water tanks and the textile factory dated back to the Islamic era that might be destroyed or demolished by the outlaws who control the area now.
The textile was unique which gave it the name as Tanis textile during the Abbasi era (750 A.D to 1517) when the Kaaba clothing used to be made there.

Mendes was attacked twice!!!

In the past few decades over 11 thousand objects were found at the 16th nome capital of Djedet (Mendes) in the Nile Delta, modern Tell al-rub’ near the city of Mansoura. The found objects dated back to 21st, 22nd and 26th dynasty. The found objects contains stone from Ramses II temple,sheep cemetery and a huge granite stone with inscriptions dated back to 29th dynasty.

The supreme council of Antiquities has chosen 800 objects to be displayed at the under construction (turtle speed progress) Mansoura National Museum.
Mr. Naguib Nour, the manager of Dakahlia antiquities, said that the Tell al-rub’ storage was attacked twice; first time was last year when the guards managed to arrest the two thugs who attacked them after an exchange of fire. The second time was last week; the guards managed to protect the storage and fired at the attackers who tried to break into the magazine but they ran away.
Mr. Naguib also stated that some bronze statues were relocated to the Grand Egyptian Museum to protect them but the storage still contains pre-dynastic pottery and bronze objects.