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Luxor Times: 14 Feb 2011

Luxor Times

Monday 14 February 2011

The Latest about the Egyptian Museum robbery. CNN is wrong

Dr. Zahi Hawass announced that the search for the missing objects is on inside and outside the Egyptian Museum and some objects were already found. One was found on the west side of the museum near the gift shop as it seems like the thieves dropped it on their way out. Also Ushabti was found which is one of a collection of 11 were stolen. Also a small part of a coffin was found outside the museum which completes one of the New Kingdom coffins in the museum. Zahi also announced that there are some unregistered objects missing from Dahshour magazines known as De Morgan magazine that were broken in on Saturday eve but a new wall and store door were installed. A committee is doing inventory for the magazine as a group of thieves attacked the guards and tide them up yesterday. Also there is another committee doing inventory in the magazine in Ismailia which many objects were stolen from on 28th January and 393 objects were recaptured by the army so far.
To prove CNN wrong concerning what they broadcasted about the missing golden mask of Tut Ankh Amon, Hawass invited ABC reporters and they shoot inside the secure hall where the mask is with all the jewelry from Tut Ankh Amon collection as Howard Carter found them."I don't know how CNN which known for its creditibility to broadcast such false news". Zahi Hawass said that he received confirmed information that the thieves have buried the objects in the museum garden and the search for them is on.

Luxor Times would like to add that the 9 persons who were arrested by the Egyptian army inside the museum they still in custody and one of them is a teacher in a preparatory school for girls in Cairo.