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Luxor Times: 30 Dec 2010

Luxor Times

Thursday 30 December 2010

The Psychiatric hospital to be registered as an Islamic monument

Lately rumours has been talking about relocating the Hospital of psychiatric and neurological or as it is known to local people as the Yellow Palace (The mental rehab) for the sake of investment projects as it is located in a busy area of Abbasia,Cairo. Dr. Zahi Hawass formed a committee from specialists in Islamic and modern architecture which decided that the building of a great historical importance.

Farouk Hosni, minister of culture, said that the committee decided to register the hospital as an Islamic monument and its report will have to be approved by the permanent committee on its next meeting.
Dr. Zahi Hawass mentioned that the current location of the hospital includes a palace was built by Khedive Ismail and it used to be called The King’s Palace. It was mentioned by Ali Pasha Mubarak ( a historian among other professions) in his book Tawfiki plans (a detailed description of Cairo’s streets and buildings during the 19th century) as a big palace in Abbasia area which was on fire and a part of it is being used as a mental hospital.
Hawass confirmed that the registration process of such unique buildings is in the framework of preserving the unique architecture of Cairo.

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