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Luxor Times: 29 Aug 2010

Luxor Times

Sunday 29 August 2010

Surprises at the Museum?!!!

Who is the French woman who had all the museums plans and exact locations of all the objects including Van Gogh painting? The two tunnels under the museum and where they lead to? What else was stolen from the museum and when? Who has been inside the museum and took a painting? 
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We dare to be different!!!

A Video showing a stealing attempt of a painting in the same museum

Over a year ago some art students went to the Museum and recorded that video to prove that neither the alarms nor the cameras are working. They didn’t deal roughly with the painting but they moved a couple of the painting as you can see on the video and the cameras were not working so no one noticed what happened.

It’s your fault.... No, it’s your fault.... Time out, please!!!

The Deputy Minister who is in custody now and the Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni, pointing fingers of accusation to each other. The minister says that he didn’t know how bad the situation was in the museum and it is the Deputy Minister who is responsible for the museum and it is not his job as a Minister to go everyday to check how the work is going on at the museum. As a response from his custody, Mohsen Shallan, the Deputy Minister said that he asked the Minister for 40 million pounds to change all the security cameras and asked the Minister to close the museum as he can’t take that decision according to the law as the museum classified as an international museum and only the minister can take that decision. At the end the Deputy Minister said “What Farouk Hosni spent on his personal fruitless campaign for UNESCO would have solved all the museums’ problems.”

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