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Luxor Times: 19 Jul 2010

Luxor Times

Monday 19 July 2010

Back,Forward,Back,Back,Forward...What’s the time now?!!!!!!

The Egyptian government decided few hours ago to stop working with the summer timing during Ramadan. It may sound simple but what does this mean?

It means that on Tuesday 10th August the clock will be put back 1 hour (like winter) till 9th of September when they will put clock forward 1 hour again till last Thursday of September when the clock will be put back 1 hour.
Very Simple, Isn’t it?

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo Re-Painted

After 113 years of establishing the Egyptian museum in Cairo, a re-paint is being done. Dr. Wafaa Sadek (the museum manager) confirmed that the re-paint process is being done according to the original designs of Marcel Dourgnon (The French architect who designed the museum) who recommended using gray and mauve.

This ambitious project is facing a problem which is the construction work nearby to make a new garage as there is no space in downtown Cairo to park but the dust from this work spreads on a wide area including the Egyptian museum. So what the governor of Cairo is going to do about it?
Oh before I forget, the museum will host an exhibition next week on Ancient Egyptian money including the first Egyptian coin ever.

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