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Luxor Times: 5th Dynasty Princess’ tomb discovered in Abu Sir

Luxor Times

Saturday 3 November 2012

5th Dynasty Princess’ tomb discovered in Abu Sir

Dr. Mohamed Ibahim, Minister State of Antiquities, announced the discovery of a court yard of a tomb dated to the Old Kingdom “second half of the fifth Dynasty” ca. 2500 B.C, of Princess “ Shert Nebty”. The court yard has 4 limestone pillars with hieroglyphics inscriptions on the southern side of the name and titles of the Princess including “The Daughter of the King, The dignified in front of the great God and Shert Nebty”. Also the remains of a false door were found bearing parts of the Princess titles.

The Minister described the discovery made by the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University in Prague under the supervision of Dr. Miroslav Barta, as a new chapter of the history of the burials in Abu Sir and Sakkara as the court yard was discovered in the southern part of the cemetery in which there are tombs for non royals and about 2 kilo meters north of the 5th Dynasty cemeteries in the centre of Abu Sir necropolis. 
The mission also discovered a corridor extend from the East Southern corner of the court yard towards East. The southern wall of the court yard has 4 tomb entrances carved and so far two tombs were discovered belong to 2 high officials, one of them bears the title “ The Justice representative in the  big house” and the other “The Palace servants supervisor” and both tombs can be dated to the time of King “Djedkare Isesi”.
  Dr. Miroslav Barta, The head of the Czech mission said that the other two tombs are being excavated during the current season. One of them for an official called “ Nefer” who bears the title of “ The supervisor of the Scribers” and a false door plus 3 limestone statues of him as an inscriber were found as well as a fourth statue of him and his wife Hathor Nefer.
Between the tombs entrances, 4 huge limestone sarcophagi were found with traces of colours and contain a statue of a man, statue of a man with his son and 2 statues of men with a woman. All carved skillfully. 

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