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Luxor Times: Egyptian Archaeologists Unearth More of Re Temple in Old Heliopolis

Luxor Times

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Egyptian Archaeologists Unearth More of Re Temple in Old Heliopolis

The Egyptian archaeological mission of Ain Shams university directed by Dr. Mamdouh ElDamaty successfully discovered two limestone blocks at the northern part at the site of Arab El-Hisn in old Heliopolis, modern Matariya.

Dr. Mamdouh El-Damaty said “The discovered blocks bear the inscriptions of Ramses II’s architect who is called “Amen-Mapet””

The architect was one of most famous architects of Ramses II’s reign and he is the father of architect who overseen the building of Luxor temple. 

Dr. ElDamaty added “The text discovered shows the this architect was the overseer of building of the festival palace and Ramses II chapel which the mission discovered earlier this season. The inscriptions also mention the titles of the architect including “Overseer of all of King Ramses II work” and “Chief of police or Medhay in the south”.

According to Dr. ElDamaty, Architect “Amen-Mapet” overseen the  building of northern stature of Ramses II where the blocks were discovered as well as a limestone wall with an entrance in the middle of it leading to a mud brick floor. 

The wall was separating two court yards behind the statues which not all their features are discovered yet. What was discovered so far reveals an important part of the temple of Re in old Heliopolis and the mission will continue their work in March and April 2019 to reveal more of the site’s architecture elements. 

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