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Luxor Times: Egyptian Archaeologists discover Greaco-Roman temple in Siwa Oasis

Luxor Times

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Egyptian Archaeologists discover Greaco-Roman temple in Siwa Oasis

The Egyptian archaeological mission of the Ministry of Antiquities uncovered the remains of a Greaco-Roman Temple during excavations at Al-Salam archaeological site located about 50 km east of Siwa Oasis.

Dr. Ayman Ashmawi, Head of Egyptian Antiquities sector at the Ministry of Antiquities said that the mission uncovered the front part of the temple as well as parts of the temple’s foundations, main entrance and remains of its one meter deep enclosure wall.

The wall leads to a front courtyard and on its both sides found entrances to other chambers. 

Dr. Ashmawi expects to uncover the other remains of the temple with more excavations to be carried out this year.

Dr Abdel Aziz El-Demery "Head of the archaeological mission" said that during the removal of the debris from the site, the mission has found many of the stones and architectural elements of the temple’s walls, including the upper lintels decorated with scenes as well as parts of corner pillars decorated with egg, arrow and tongue, which were well known in the Greco-Roman era. 

Dr. El-Demery added that the mission discovered also remains of pots, coins, and a statue of a man with Greek facial features, as well as two limestone statues of two lions one of them is headless. 

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