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Luxor Times: Minister of Antiquities speaks about future plans

Luxor Times

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Minister of Antiquities speaks about future plans

Dr. Ahmed Essa, minister of Antiquities, released information concerning few upcoming events including starting of the restoration for the wood of the second solar boat of Khufu today. 
He also announced the completion of the restoration and conservation project of the hanging church in old Cairo and said that it will be soon. 
The minister talked about Fatimid Cairo and the damages occurred in El Moez street and said that the security bars that stop the traffic will be replaced and fully working before the beginning of Ramadan (Approx. 10th July) as they were destroyed in the past 2 years.

A new project for restoring historical building in Gamaliya street which is parallel to El Moez street after installing new sewage system which will be starting in few days time. 
The last announcement which should be good news for future visitors of the Giza plateau. The Minister announced that in six month time, the new entrance to the area will be opened as well as the visitor centre which will have large screens to tell the visitors about the site then visitors would step out of the centre to a panoramic view of the three pyramids of Giza and will be able to get on an electric cars/ trains to take them to the pyramid or the Solar boat museum so there would be no hassle from vendors who would only be allowed in the new shops will be built for them.

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