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Luxor Times: Failed attempt to smuggle 19 antiquities objects at Luxor Airport

Luxor Times

Sunday 26 February 2012

Failed attempt to smuggle 19 antiquities objects at Luxor Airport

Ministry state of Antiquities (Seized Antiquities department office at Luxor Airport) foiled an attempt to smuggle 19 objects of different sizes and dated back to different historical eras.
The captured pieces vary between ushabtis, faience,ushabtisi , ostraca, manuscripts including an English version of a Bible dated back to 16th century and various coins.
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim (Minister State of Antiquities) said that the objects were in acquisition of a British couple (Michael R. and Angela N.) who was trying to leave the country and that the objects will be transferred to the Egyptian Museum storerooms in the next few days under the supervision of a specialized committee.
The objects include a pottery pot on 9cm with a human face depicted, 5 pottery and green faience ushabti with hieroglyphic inscriptions and depiction of Isis which are dated to late pharaonic times. The objects are protects and fall under the antiquities law No. 117 for 1983 and the Bible is subject of culture property which is protected by law 114/1983.
Mr. Hassan Rasmi (Head of the central administration of ports) said that during the Committee examination of the seized artifacts, the wife did throw and broke 3 lanterns trying to destroy the objects and the police force managed to control her.

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