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Luxor Times: Antiquities storehouse attacked

Luxor Times

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Antiquities storehouse attacked

We wold like to apologise for our readers as we were offline for a few days. We will have to catch up with the news from the past few days.
5th March

40 armed men attacked antiquities storage of Tal El Faraeen in Kafr El Shiekh governorate (Nile Delta) and when the guards tried to stop them they got seriously injured by the armed men who fired at the guards.

It is the second time the same magazine was attacked since 25th January in the absence of the police.
The head of the central administration of Lower Egypt and the Nile Delta said “The armed men managed to break the storage doors, broke a number of boxes containing antiquities. The guards and inspectors managed to capture some of them but the others ran away.” He also referred that a committee is being formed to determine what objects were lost. He doesn’t exclude the possibility that there is an international organization taking advantage of the security chaos in Egypt with the help of some antiquities dealers to steal the antiquities especially that the sites and museums attacked on a daily basis by armed men in big groups.
He mentioned also that there are plans to relocate artifacts that represent a target for looting and transfer them to more secure sites.


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